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Go To Eat premium voucher: This is the cheapest way of dining out in Tokyo

Go To Eat Campign

Go To Eat premium voucher: This is the cheapest way of dining out in Tokyo


what if you can get 25% discount when you dine out in Tokyo?

‘Go To Eat premium voucher’ is the special meal ticket which you can use at registered restaurants or dining spots.


Since covid-19 outbreak, restaurants faced the big fall of their demand. ‘Go To Eat premium voucher’ will be issued for their support by Japanese government to boost consumer spending and help their business.


At the moment you buy the voucher you will receive 25% more of your moneys worth.

Here is what you need to know to get ‘Go To Eat premium voucher’

What is ‘Go To Eat premium voucher’?

How can I get ‘Go To Eat premium PAPER  meal voucher’

How can I get ‘Go To Eat premium DIGITAL meal voucher’

What is ‘Go To Eat premium voucher’?

There are two types of Go To Eat premium voucher with an additional 25% in Tokyo which are ‘Paper voucher’ (Japanese calls it ‘analog voucher’ ) and ‘Digital voucher’.


The process of applying for each voucher is different.

(Please check the information about both vouchers below) 


This campaign will start from Nov.20.2020.

Although you are not living in Tokyo, you can purchase it.


However, restaurants where you can use Go To Eat premium vouchers have not been announced yet.


This information will come up on the Go To Eat Campaign official website by Nov.20.2020, please check it before you go to the restaurant.

URL: https://r.gnavi.co.jp/plan/campaign/gotoeat-tokyo/



I heard there are some restaurants available for either paper voucher or digital voucher, am I correct?


Yes! We need to check if the restaurants you want to go are available for those paper / digital vouchers!

I guess there are so many restaurants that are already registered for the vouchers but in case.

I will show you the stickers for registered restaurants below!


Paper voucher accepted

Digital voucher accepted

Go To Eat キャンペーン


How can I get ‘Go To Eat premium PAPER  meal voucher’

To get this paper voucher, you need to apply for an exchange ticket first via website application form. Once you have it, you can go to participating distributors or retail stores.


Here is the website where you can apply for the required form for the exchange ticket.

URL: https://hajb.f.msgs.jp/webapp/form/23667_hajb_1/index.do

Go To Eat アナログチケットQR

(Voucher application form will be available from Nov.19.2020 10:00 AM)


A set of paper voucher is 12,500 JPY worth – which are combination of 10 sheets of 1000yen, plus
5 sheets of 500yen  – but it costs you only 10,000yen!

* Up to 2 sets are available for purchase per one application.



It looks a bit complicated! But don’t worry, once you can apply the exchange ticket, it’ll be easy!

Step1 : Apply for the exchange ticket
Step2 : Confirm your email
Step3 : Grab money and go to the retail store
Step4 : Pay 10,000yen!


The Japanese government announced that they will run this campaign until Jan.31.2021.


However, the previous campaign ended up 3 months earlier than expected because it got over their budget faster than planned. 



Ay dios! It’s better to get it ASAP!


Here are the details for the paper voucher.

Check it out and enjoy dining out in Tokyo

Sales price: 10,000yen

Planned sales: 3 million sets

Payment: Only cash

Sale period: Nov.20.2020  to Jan.31.2021 

Period of use: Nov.20.2020 to Mar.31.2021

Retail store location (planned):

Sticker for retail stores

Go To Eat キャンペーン

Big camera (most of stores in Tokyo), Kojima × Big Camera ( all store in Tokyo), Seijo Ishii (some stores), Byu Plaza (some stores in the metropolitan area), JR East Travel Center to Japan (some stores in the metropolitan area), Toyoko INN (some stores), Tokyu Hotels (some stores), Sotetsu Hotel Group (some stores), JTB stores (some stores), Tokyo financial institutions (planned), Other commercial facilities ・ Special sales counters in hotels (planned), special sales counters such as tourist associations (some facilities), etc

How can I get ‘Go To Eat premium DIGITAL meal voucher’

Do you prefer to have a digital voucher?

If so, you need to win a lottery for a digital voucher.


A set of digital voucher is 10,000 JPY worth – which are 10 sheets of 1000yen – but it costs you only 8,000yen!

* Up to 2 sets are available for purchase per one application.


There are 4 steps to get ‘Go To Eat premium Digital meal voucher’


STEP1: Make your account on Yahoo!JAPAN (Free)


STEP2:  Access to PassMarket the website page for ‘Go To Eat campaign Tokyo digital meal ticket’



( It will be available from Nov.20.2020)


STEP3: Wait for a result email.

*You will receive the result information email only if you win.


STEP4: Follow the information and make a payment



Best wishes and hope you get that lucky email!!

Here are the last details for the digital voucher:

Sales price: 8,000yen

Planned sales: 1.25 million sets

Payment: Credit Card or Paypay balance

Primary lottery application period: Nov.20 to 24

Primary sales period: Nov.27. 2020 to Jan.4. 2021

Period of use: Nov.27.2020 to Mar.31.2021


You will receive a completion email after using a digital voucher! Also you can check your digital voucher balance in your account page of “PassMarket” with your Yahoo!JAPAN ID

I hope this information will be helpful for you!
Enjoy dining out with 25% discount in Tokyo.